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Product Care & maintenance

Taking care of your products the right way can lead to years of good use.

(If you damage your bins by using the wrong cleaning product the company will NOT refund or exchange products)


For Bins & Tubes

Use: Mild soaps and water to clean.

You can also use Novus Plastic cleaning products #1,2, &3!

Do Not Use: Windex, Vinegar, or any cleaning product with ammonia in it to clean. Using these products to clean can cause your bins to look foggy or crack over time.


For Racks

Use: Mild soaps and water, or wipe down with a dry/wet rag.

Do Not Use: Paint thinner or anything that can remove paint.


Note: Do not pick up a bin by the cover lid, this could lead to it breaking off.

The proper way to pick up a bin is by the bottom.